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When Robert and Sharon Elmendorf might have been retired, God had a very different plan. While visiting in the Midwest, Sharon awoke to the words, “You’re not going home.  I’m sending you out.” God’s instructions were to “Stop for the one or stop for the some.”  It was all about an art called Generations at Play.  When asked, God told them to go to the Northwest and then said, “I send My angels before you to prepare the way in which I send you.”  The grandest of adventures had just begun. 

They go wherever God sends them; ministering to people in the most unexpected places. Together they are missionaries on the highways and byways of America.  God had chosen ART to be the way Sharon (a third generation artist) was to share His heart with any and everyone that He highlights along the way.  

​God creates encounters and  opportunities for her to break out the paints. This is when it really gets going! The person God has His eye on is now invited to paint - no rules, no expectations, just freely play with color. Holy Spirit then begins to reveal the “treasure picture” that is in their watercolor “play”.  The Father’s heart is then shared with this child who He loves.  Oh what joy!

Meanwhile, Robert is often behind the scenes taking care of all the details (which are many) allowing Sharon the space to stay focused on the art. They both are always watching and listening for the clues that God gives them on this wonderful heavenly treasure hunt. Robert also can find himself on the frontline, as well. Young men are often drawn to him.  God told Robert and Sharon that they will be “joiners of the generations. This is a powerful team! 

HOW did this happen?  In the beginning , Sharon sat her three year old granddaughter  down to play with watercolors while she did some house cleaning. As the little works of art were lining up on the kitchen counter. Sharon began to see pictures in the swirls of color. She picked one and drew what she saw. Sharon framed and hung a few at the gallery she showed at. Little did she know that Makenzi and Grandma would be invited to have a show in a gallery at Texas A&M University. The title given the show was “Generations at Play”.

That was over 20 years ago.  Generations at Play has had the privilege of ministering to Hospice patience, schools, Voices for Children, Special Needs children, Children’s museum, women’s groups, churches, retreats, conferences, with the homeless and many more!  There are also those on the side of a road, in restaurants, a motorcycle gang, and all kinds of places.  God is VERY creative!  Generations at Play art has now gone all over the world. Yes, JESUS is being revealed through ART. 

 To God be the glory!  Roll on Kingdom of God, ROLL ON!

Generation At Play