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Why Prison?

There is a cycle that desperately needs to be broken if we are going to see any type of positive change in our neighborhood, city, state, and nation. Inner city residents are caught in a web of hopelessness and too often turn to criminal activity. Eventually they are arrested and taken to county jail where they await trial. From there they either go to prison or back on the streets to break the law again.

Prison is the fastest growing mission field in the world. In our nation there are up to 1100 new faces in prison every week. One in six of our youth today will be in prison. Over 10 Million young people have had a mother or father -or both- behind prison bars at some point in their lives. The children are 7 times more likely to follow their parents footsteps. 78% of women behind bars are mothers and 64% of men behind bars are fathers.

Without an intervention in this cycle, we will continue to build more prisons and lose more money to crime. How can this problem be fixed?  The answer is giving them an opportunity for hope and a new life.

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